Aug 14, 2012

Phuket-Krabi: Day 2

Day 2 (10th July 2012, Tuesday) :

Today I need to wake up early as 7am to prepare myself for the coming trip.
We have request a morning call from TongLim and SzeTiam.
Of course, early in the morning, breakfast in hotel its the best meal ever.
I love the Pork Beacon and Fried Egg so much!(eat a lot)

Sharp at 8am, we are departed from hotel to James Bond Island!

Today morning its a raining morning, while we are depart to port whole way was raining.
Our tour guide +funny driver named Tim was so serious, got tattoo on his hand and never smile.
Sounds like a bit samseng looked....

While on the way to port, i saw thailand's police in brown color uniform.
They are so slim and fit compare to Malaysia's police who fat like hell.
I think our police cant run as Thailand's police.
They blocked roundabout to avoid traffic jam, our driver, Tim has to make his U-turn at a junction.
Before he make his U-turn, he bring us to petrol station for toilet.

When after he pee, he grab some flowers for the ladies in our car.
Each lady will got their flower on ear from Tim.
Then sudden Jimmy pop out, "ladyboy got flower??" and point to me.
Honestly at that moment i was unhappy, but i still need to pretend nothing to avoid spoiled their trip.
To avoid my ear got that flower, i Bang my head when im trying to avoid the flower.
Its pain and banglow straight build up.
After the play with Tim was finish, i thought all done already.
Whose knows, he called me Honey in that car.
To make the situation better, i just pretend again and crazy with him.
Im consider of all, i dont want there is any awful happen before we went onto boot to island.

Around 9.30am, we finally arrived port and have to walk quite far to get our boot.
Sharp 10am we are depart to James Bond island.
Over there we do canoeing with coach and by our own.
Swimming had been cancelled since the weather is not really good and its dangerous to do swimming.

First canoe i was with JianLiang with a coach.
This coach brought us to cave and i smelled bat's shit and saw the natural creation.
Actually im quite scared with water, its a phobia since im child.
But out seat its sandwich kind and im between coach and JianLiang.
So i actually still feel quite safe, at least im not the first one or last one.

Second canoe its between Me, XiaoLee and PooiWan
We 3persons shared a canoe and we canoe ourselves to a safer water area.
We have take turn to do canoe, i was first bring them to safer water area.
When we are on the way, a pair of China man came crash us and we have stuck onto a stone area and cant move at all.
Luckily TongLim and SzeTiam come to save us from the stone but TongLim hurt his hand while helping us escape from the stone.
Really Thanks so much~~
Around 6pm we are back to hotel for bath and rest for a while after whole day long under the sun and raining.

After rest for a while, once again we are depart to town hunting for dinner.
There is a Tuk-Tuk service opposite our hotel but they charged us expensive.
When receptionist help us to ask and the price its much more cheaper, but they rejected us with the reason they got no enough Tuk-Tuk.
But nevermind, with a hungry stomach we wait our receptionist help us book taxi from her friend.

After while, there are 2van came to fetch us.
We are seperate into 2 group and went to patong beach hunt for dinner.
When told the place we want to go, driver Bao was so honest.
Bao straight said that restaurant its too expensive and price its for tourist one, not worth.
He bring us to another cheaper restaurant and surely worth to eat one.

Beach Restaurant, this is the restaurant we went for dinner.
We have seperated into family one and family two after viewed the menu and prices.
me, SzeTiam, TongLim, PooiWan, XiaoLee and SuNi are consider as family two.
We have share the dishes together and just we forget to order crab.
This is the only regret didint eat crab at this restaurant.
Seriously TomYam at Thailand its totally different taste as in Msia.
They only choose to present Sour Or Spice...

After dinner,
We have had a short walk around the shops at Patong Beach.
This is giving chance to all to recognize the place, and so that they can walk by themselves without any further guidence.

Out of sudden, my Tour Leader sudden said i came here before and asked me bring walk around at Bangla Road(a pub street for alcohol and sex).
Before enter the street, i have double confirm is it they want to watch Thai  Girl Show??
All of them are agreed to watch it but they are few persons just want to follow majority who want to watch.
Along the street, we have walk and find the place to watch the show.
Then we came to a Pub called Hollywood and there offer no entry ticket but need to buy drink.
Actually the pub is under renovation and looked like quite dangerous.

But we are so excited to watch the show, i seriously dont care about it.
I just ignore and walk in to watch the show.
When the menu is here, the price was so high (500 baht for a beer = RM50)!!
Suddenly, JangYin told she want to go out and dont want watch show.
and she started to cry and cant stop at all.
I think she have been scared by the naked dancer and we all have left the place without watch the show at all.

I was so failure, went for twice also didnt get to watch the show.

And then we have go back to hotel by TukTuk, quite not bad one.
Im enjoy of the wind when it hit my face..
We didnt do anything, just went to Family Mart buy some junk food like treasure hunting..
We have sleep at 2am and prepare for tomorrow trip.

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